Bob Floss has a Certificate in Training from the Community Investment Corporation to manage
multi-family property.

Bob also has a certification from C.I.C. industries to handle dispute resolution, to help prevent evictions.

We have worked with guardian Ad Litums appointed by the court system, Trust Officer's in banks, and Private Investors alike.

We have handled Tenant Conflicts, We are familiar with CHA housing laws and the voucher system. 

​We will work closely with Your Accountant and Attorney, to assess any and all, income and expenses to help You prepare a budget. 

We can help You to set up, and understand a daily online bookkeeping of your dedicated property account, where rent paid is direct deposited with live access.

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We are experienced in project rehabs, making sure that your property generates the most amount of income possible.

We will make sure that permits are attained for any contractor work, by hiring the right contractor.

In the event of an expensive repair we will double check that not only is the contractor licensed, but that they are also bonded, and will adhere to a schedule.

​We will make sure that before any work begins, that a W-9 is signed, and after work is completed, that 1099s are issued to any sub-contractors to prevent the Investor from being penalized from the I.R.S.

If needed, we know the right people to have security systems installed.

We have experience handling and processing eviction notices through Attorneys that specialize in evictions, and most importantly, handled the prevention of evictions. 

Property Management