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Rest assured knowing that we have the experience and knowledge to guide You through Your investments

We will show You how to search public record if there are any current or previous, violations or leans, against any prospective building.

We will ask for, and help You review, any leases, and help You determine if there are any rent collection problems.

We will check that You are put in touch with the building inspectors that have the credentials to inspect "Income Buildings".

We can ensure that a Licensed Exterminator does a thorough walk-through of each unit, to prevent any unexpected costs or problems. 

We can direct You towards Atorneys with the knowledge to do a commercial contract. And, we will work closely with the Attorney of Your choice to help to attain, all necessary documents, to ensure a smooth transaction.

We can introduce You to approachable, and dependable Accountants, to verify costs for tax purposes at the end of the year. 

We will make sure that Your investment is properly insured with reputable companies. 

We are familiar with how a 1031 Exchange works, and are eager to help You expand Your portfolio.

Investment Services

Bob Floss & Son Realty is uniquely positioned to provide the highest level of investment services in the Chicago-land area. With a brokerage team and full service property management group, Bob Floss & Son Realty is able to provide investors valuable insight from acquisition to disposition, and all the steps in between. Bob Floss & Son Realty has advised on a wide range of investments that includes everything from individual condo sales to distressed multi-family acquisitions.

As a boutique firm, Bob Floss & Son Realty provides clients with a personalized service that is directed by the goals of each investor. By using market analysis, and in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing landscape of Chicago, we at Bob Floss & Son Realty are able to help you make investment decisions with confidence. With the knowledge that we at Bob Floss & Son Realty are with you for the long haul. You can trust that we will only advice investments that:

  •  Can be bought at the right price.
  •  Will be easy to manage effectively to ensure consistent cash flow.
  •  Is in either in an area of great stability or possesses high appreciation potential.

Bob Floss & Son Realty provides a high level of customer care for all sizes of investors, and we work to fulfill each investor’s specific needs.

Please contact us to learn more about the investment services that we offer.